Dexam Summer Garden Set of 4 Flip Flop Tablecloth Weights
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Dexam Reference: 16050404

Stop your tablecloth from flying away at your next barbecue with this top tool.

  • Set of 4

  • Fun, colourful design

  • Limited-Edition

A top tool for those planning on holding a barbecue or picnic this upcoming summer. When the wind picks up, be confident and use this set of 4 tablecloth weights to stop your tablecloth or runner from blowing away. In 4 different colours, this set of four flip flop weights when clipped onto each of the corners, will pull onto the tablecloth, making sure that it remains secure no matter how windy it might get. Made from Polyresin, these tablecloth weights are fun and part of our limited-edition Summer Garden collection. Width: 3.6mm; Height: 3.5mm; Depth: 1.2mm