Chef's Choice Chefs Choice 2100 Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener - Brushed Metal
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Dexam Reference: 13821000

Knife sharpening is extremely fast and foolproof with this state of the art 3 stage Commercial knife sharpener. Suitable for sharpening European straight edge and serrated knives. You can customise the Model 2100 to sharpen each knife according to its intended use.

  • Revolutionary, 3-Stage commercial sharpener

  • Engineered and field tested for long life

  • High performance in the rugged environment of commercial kitchens

  • Diamond abrasives and ultra-fine stropping stage for sharp edges in seconds

  • Rugged sharpening module detaches for cleaning in sink or dishwasher

  • Advanced Trizor-Plus� triple-bevel edge stays sharp up to 3 times longer

*All our sharpeners are suitable for UK circuits and sockets.
Commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants and catering companies require a quick, efficient, cost-effective and safety conscious system for sharpening knives. The Model 2100 is the perfect solution, it™s advanced technology allows anyone to put incredibly sharp professional and long-lasting edges on commercial kitchen knives and serrated knives and even restore damaged blades and it will do the job extremely quickly. You can customise the Model 2100 using the three stages in different sequences to sharpen each knife according to its intended use: from extremely sharp edges for preparing gourmet foods that require smooth effortless slicing such as smoked salmon and prosciutto; to edges with more bite for tasks like cutting tough, fibrous ingredients and butchering meat. This sharpener is designed to sharpen virtually all quality knives, including European kitchen knives, serrated eg. Bread knives, Filleting knives, sporting and pocket knives. This three (3) stage sharpener has two sharpening/honing stages with rotating conical discs plated with 100% diamond abrasives to create the first and second bevels of the arch-shaped edge and a third polishing/stropping stage using proprietary abrasives on rotating cone-shaped flexible disks to polish the edge, creating the third bevel and a burr-free ultra sharp edge. Because of the Trizor-Plus� edge triple angle bevel it creates, knives stay sharp much longer. Highly precise elastomeric knife angle guides automatically position your knife at the correct sharpening angle and pressure for optimum sharpness. In addition, the entire sharpening module, including abrasives and guides, can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning and disinfecting in a sink or commercial dishwasher. The Model 2100 features a built-in �dresser� that keeps the polishing disks clean and glaze-free. Suitable for: Heavy duty commercial use European/American Household Knives including Chef's Knives, Paring Knives and Filleting Knives Serrated Knives Hunting Knives Pocket Knives A 15 degree sharpening module and a ceramic knife sharpening module are also available, please contact our friendly Sales Office for details Stage 1 - fine 100% diamond abrasives remove the old weak edge and create extrem