Chef's Choice Chefs Choice Trizor 15XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener - Platinum
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Dexam Reference: 13815000

Keep your knives safe and sharp with the ChefsChoice Trizor knife sharpener.

  • 100% Diamond Abrasives

  • 3-stage EdgeSelect system for the perfect cut

  • 15-degree factory edges on household knives

  • *All our sharpeners are suitable for UK circuits and sockets
    When sharpening a knife with an electric knife sharpener, look no further than the Chef's Choice™ Trizor XV Knife Sharpener. Combining the strength and the durability of the Trizor edge with a flawless, ultra-sharp 15XV technology. Taking only a minute to sharpen your knives for the first time, when re-sharpening, it will only take 10 seconds. Creating a sharp blade with the help of 15°XV technology, this knife sharpener is ideal for turning a traditional 20-degree knife into a high performance 15- degree knife. With patented flexible spring guides for accurate control, this knife sharpener creates the perfect edge for every chopping task. Made with a 3.12 carat, 100% diamond abrasive, sharpen both straight and serrated knives with the reliable Trizor knife sharpener. With a 3-stage process and efficient flexible patented stropping disks, for effortless knife sharpening, 3 distinct facets have been added to form a supported triple-bevel, arch-shaped edge Stage 1- Creates an extremely fine, micro grooves, this creates the first major bevel of the arch shaped edge. Stage 2- Uses even finer diamond abrasives on conical disks that work to shape the second smaller bevel with finer microgrooves. Stage 3- Uses the patented flexible abrasive stropping disk system to create a smooth and sharp edge while the third bevel will polish the micro-grooves formed in both stages 1 and 2. This stage can also be used when wanting to sharpen serrated kitchen knives. The Trizor XV knife sharpener sharpens: chef's knives, Santoku knives, serrated knives, cleavers and sports knives. 125 watt, BPA free and with an included 3- year warranty.