Chef's Choice Chefs Choice 120 EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener - White
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Dexam Reference: 13812000

Knife sharpening is fast and foolproof with this state of the art patented, 3 stage electric knife sharpener. Suitable for sharpening European/Western straight edge and serrated knives. You can customise the Model 120 to sharpen each knife according to its intended use.

  • Suitable for quality European and serrated knives

  • Hitech for fast knife sharpening

  • 3 stage sharpening will restore worn blades

  • With 100% Diamond abrasives

If you are looking for the best knife sharpener to use at home, Chef's Choice have a wide range of knife sharpeners to choose from. With the Chef's Choice Model 120 you have the most up-to-date technology enabling you to put incredibly sharp professional edges on high quality European knives and it will do the job extremely quickly. It sharpens straight-edge and serrated knives and is so easy to use, anyone can put astonishingly sharp, long-lasting edges on knives in seconds. You can customise the Model 120 by using the stages in different sequences so that you sharpen each knife according to its intended use: extremely sharp edges for preparing gourmet foods and filleting fish such as smooth effortless slicing through delicate food like smoked salmon and prosciutto, or alternatively, edges with varying amounts of bite for more demanding tasks like cutting tough, fibrous ingredients and butchering meat. This 3 stage sharpener is designed to sharpen virtually all quality knives, including European kitchen knives, serrated eg. Bread knives, Filleting knives, sporting and pocket knives. You can also use it to restore a worn blade on an old knife. This three (3) stage sharpener has two precision conical sharpening/honing stages with fine 100% diamond abrasives and one polishing/stropping stage using proprietary flexible abrasive disks. Because of the triple angle bevel it creates you will note knives stay sharp much longer. Highly precise elastomeric knife angle guides automatically position your knife at the correct sharpening angle for optimum sharpness, making it foolproof and easy to use. Use it for: European/American Household Knives including Chef's Knives, Paring Knives and Filleting Knives Serrated Knives Hunting Knives Pocket Knives Stage 1 - use fine 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen: unless you do a lot of heavy duty cutting, you will need to use Stage 1 only infrequently. Stage 2 - use finer 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen Stage 3 - use ultra fine abrasives for re-sharpening and stropping for a razor sharp edge, removing only micro amounts of steel immediately adjacent to the edge - allowing you to resharpen often without any concern for the life of your knife Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. In our view, Chef'sChoice make the very best knife sharpeners in the world, we've worked with them for over 20 years!