Dexam 25cm Stainless Steel Whisk
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Dexam Reference: 17830462

Use this kitchen classic for quality results.
With so many uses we can't list them all here, a Balloon whisk is one of the most popular types of whisks. It is great for vigorously whisking air into egg whites to make meringues, whipping cream, mixing batters for sponge cakes to incorporate all the ingredients quickly and easily, lightly mixing together dry ingredients instead of sifting. So if you want a high quality whisk that lasts a long time, this Stainless steel Balloon Whisk, with its hollow handle is ideal. It is beautifully balanced so it is really comfortable to use, and, when you rest it against the side of the bowl it won't fall out! Available in two sizes, it has a hanging hook at the end and you can pop it in the dishwasher when you've finished.

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