Dexam Dexam Apple Wedger and Corer
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Apple Wedger which cores and slices an apple in one go. One simple action cuts 8 wedges that are easy to cook with or eat, and fun for kids. The stainless steel blades slice through apples and pears with ease. The strong, wide, soft-grip handles are made from santoprene making them comfortable to hold, and they are raised up so your knuckles won't hit the table. The Apple Wedger is perfect for making pies, crumbles, or making a snack of 'star apples' that are popular with children. To use: place the apple on a flat surface, with the stem end pointing upwards, line up the centre hole with the centre of the apple and press down slowly and firmly. Measures 17.6cm x 10.8cm diameter. White/black.