Dexam Dexam 360 System MegaBowl - Preparation Bowl Set
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Dexam's revolutionary new Megabowl Set creates a step change for food prep. With its 360 action, and its modular system, the Megabowl makes non-electric prep efficient, effective, safe and fun. Based on the Megabowl, an ergonomic 3 Litre bowl, with a pouring lip, internal measurements and a silicone non-slip base, the basic set also comprises a coarse grater attachment, a slicer attachment and finger guard/plunger. Optional extras include a fine grater attachment and a sifter.

Set includes:
3 L/5.3 pint Mixing Bowl with lid, non-slip base, pouring spout and handle. Bowl is marked with measurements in L/fl oz/US cups/US quarts.
360 action stainless steel Coarse Grating Disc, perfect for preparing vegetables, cheese and chocolate.
Stainless steel Triple Slicing Disc, perfect for preparing hard or soft fruits and vegetables.
Centrally pivoted finger guard with food pusher, optimises 360 grating and slicing for quick and efficient food preparation.
Extra sharp stainless steel blades grate in seconds!
Large grating/slicing surface for efficient grating.

Compact storage - all items can be stacked inside the bowl together when not in use. Dishwasher safe (except bowl).
Suitable for left and right handed use.
Bowl has a super non-slip base so hand wash only, other parts are dishwasher safe top rack. Not microwave safe. Bowl is freezer safe.

To use: locate tab on grater disc with tab hole in the 360 MegaBowl and snap into place. Fit finger guard (supplied with 360 MegaBowl) into place. Hold handle of bowl with one hand an place food inside finger guard. Apply an even pressure and move finger guard steadily around disc continuously until food is grated. It is OK to fill the finger guard with food (eg. 2 or 3 pieces of garlic) as this will speed up the 360 grating process. If you need to grate the last few bits of food, place the food pusher (supplied with the 360 MegaBowl) inside the finger guard. Use 360 MegaBowl lid to keep food fresh if needed.

WARNING - blades are sharp, take care when using and washing. Keep away from children. It is recommended to use the finger guard supplied with this set.


Make light work of food preparation and mixing with our innovative new range of 360 action gadgets.